VISIT CAN BE DONE IMMEDIATELY - $15 per Visit + $5 Gas - Easy Dollar General Audit - 186 HOMER AVE CORTLAND NY 13045-1029

186 Homer Avenue, Cortland, NY, USA | 11/22/2022

 | Project has started to Dec 4th conducting audits on prepaid card inventory, price labels, etc. 
 | Inside Dollar General stores. We are paying a flat rate of $15 per Store $5 Gas. 
 | Visits should take less than 30 minutes to complete and you are to answer  
 | Yes/No to certain items being in stock and take a picture of the display.  
 | These are NOT covert visits so you would be completing on behalf of 
 | TracFone and can take paperwork inside the store to answer.
 | Visits can be completed whenever store is open, project has started. 
 | (I've completed 6 stores, took me less than 15 minutes per visit, in store) 
 | Please reply to this email with Interest or Questions about this Job.
 | Store(s):     | 186 HOMER AVE                  | CORTLAND             | NY  | 13045-1029

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